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Lessons in God from a toddler 

​I didn’t get baptized until I was 28: so noticing God’s goodness is new in my life!

(Not church— God) 

* I’m a middle-aged adult toddler hungry for the word of God

I keep thinking he’s going to leave me 

No matter how much I read my Bible I can’t find it…. 

You know the part where it says what I will do to make him leave

like everyone  has before 

I keep thinking it’s all going to go away that’s he’s gonna stop taking care of me when I make him mad. 

That’s the thing about God’s love I dont think I can mess it up, (as gansta as I am lol) 

I worry because I know I’m going to fall,  

But now it’s like he catches me right before I land. 

“I never  had anyone love me quit the way you do,

You know everything I do 

And I’m still good enough for you! ”

(Approval from you, knowing my flaws has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.)


I believe they call it ???




* Happy are the meek

Matthew 5:5

happy are the meek, for they will inherite the earth

 The meek spirit does not flash into anger, does not answer again, takes harsh words gently and humbly.

OK let’s sink this In:

◾ does not flash  into anger…
{ what a goal to strive for. How do you react when you get angry?}
Scripture says we’re not even suppose to “flash” demonstrate, show, make known our anger at all, ” the meek spirit does not answer again” 
{ even after being angered God wants us to strive not to show our anger }
◾ Takes harsh words gently

is God saying is we do these things we will be happy?
YES even though it will be hard and uncomfortable the end result of true happiness is worth it

The quiet spirit is calm and tranquil; peaceful in itself, it spreads peace around

personal note: i talk a lot i have a very outgoing personality. and it causes many troubles in my life. just random things i say can be interpreted wrong. I can unknowing stir trouble by just chattering. this is something i pray and work on daily.