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Lessons in God from a toddler 

​I didn’t get baptized until I was 28: so noticing God’s goodness is new in my life!

(Not church— God) 

* I’m a middle-aged adult toddler hungry for the word of God

I keep thinking he’s going to leave me 

No matter how much I read my Bible I can’t find it…. 

You know the part where it says what I will do to make him leave

like everyone  has before 

I keep thinking it’s all going to go away that’s he’s gonna stop taking care of me when I make him mad. 

That’s the thing about God’s love I dont think I can mess it up, (as gansta as I am lol) 

I worry because I know I’m going to fall,  

But now it’s like he catches me right before I land. 

“I never  had anyone love me quit the way you do,

You know everything I do 

And I’m still good enough for you! ”

(Approval from you, knowing my flaws has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.)


I believe they call it ???




Forgive me father when I forget

Sometimes I tend to be greedy and a want everything my way. And I want it to be pleasent. Feel good and be fun.

When. I’m like this I’m forgetting what God has already given. The mistakes I’ve made and he’s shown so much mercy on me. And that’s not enough???

Woe to me!

The drainers of the well.

When I have enough. Yes it’s painful daily to hurt or miss certain things but just look at the blessing. What he has given th me I will be thankful for .

Forgive me father when I forget.