PTDS vs. Gods Word



 I have PTSD from multiple events and even when I am supposed to be at peace and dreaming, the nightmares haunt me.  The nightmares may haunt me, but I can now feel safe in my home. 

 They are just that- nightmares.  They are no longer my present reality.

 They are my past.  A past I left behind, for a new beginning and a new tomorrow.

 A tomorrow that I embrace and am thankful for. I no longer have to live with a man who chose to do horrible things to me.  He chose to do those things to me.  He may have convinced me at the time through his narcissism and histrionic episodes that I was the problem, but I never was.  

God has blessed me with the most wonderful husband. A man that takes care of me as if it’s a pleasure. A man that tells me 489 times a day that there is nothing WRONG WITH ME.

Our God is faithful like that, I never could have imagined a man like my husband. God knew that desire of my heart before I did. HIS plan was so much better than mine.

I couldn’t ask, imagine, or begin to understand the goodness God has given me.


When the nightmares and memories surface God has given me a weapon. A TWO EDGE SWORD. The Bible!

In God’s Word I find, purpose, value, wisdom, understanding, grace and unconditional love

Spending time in the Word is how God “changes” you. Its the reading of the actual text. Not dressing up and going to church not hanging around the religious people. its the actual process of the text going from your eyes to your head to you heart

SO when people go to Church looking for “church people” to magically change their way of thinking they get disappointed, and give up on God. Its a personal relationship with your Bible that changes you. 

opened door with key in lock in beach

I pray you dig into GODS Word and see what he says about you!


Dear papa God,

I don’t merely want a makeover i want Your transforming power in my life to give me a beauty that is enthralling to You and attracts others to you.



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