My favorite prostitutes


Today I read Joshua, and fell in love with my girl Rahab all over again. Each time I read the book I find something else she did that amazes me. 

What kind of circumstances her life was in before these strange men entered her home.What her experiences and option of men probably was. 

 I enjoy the part of her standing up to the law of the land for God too. She was aware of God’s power even as she lived in “sin” hosting different men for money to provide for her family. 

> Her love for her family is also shown when she asked to be spared when they take the city. 

> She makes sure to include them in her request. 

> she takes their Word, and put that red scarf for them to see. 

> obedience is rewarded

>she was the One God choose for the lineage of King David, which would trickle down to the SAVIOR himself

> to me she is one impressive hooker

All those years of being an outcast to the people around her. God Knew she would protect those men and obey. i dont think they showed up at her house on accident. God knew her heart, beyond her faults. Everyone around her probably thought they were “better” than her. Yet God destroyed the entire town but her. She knew in her heart that God is Lord of all things and would protect her and bless her. And thats why she was chosen, the sparing of her life leads to King David……. right down to the Savior himself.

It didn’t take much to convince her that she would be saved by God. She had only heard of the parting of the red sea she didn’t even have a New Testament edition. Or a book full of miracles like we do. She just heard and believed, “for the Lord Your God” she says, “he is God on heaven and earth.” Her faith and obedience saved her and her whole family. (And us)

 And lead to the birth of the One that saves us all. With out this prostitutes faith and trust in God’s word. We wouldn’t be redeemed, forgiven, or able to approach our Heavenly Father.

Maybe the next time you pass by a “street walker”  or see someone as “scum”Instead of judgment and criticism, you can try to see Rahab,in all her glory. God’s glory 

Rahab was the unlikeliest of heroes-

A woman who sold herself to lusty men in the dark shadows. Scum, we might say today. Yet she is the very person God choose to be one the vital link to the lineage of David, and layer Jesus himself. 

Rahab is proof that God  can and WILL — Use anyone with faith for His higher purpose. Anyone! 

Dear Abba,

At times I doubt how I could possibly do good for you. Please remind me that you are working in ways I cannot see, You can use anyone willing to serve. Even me



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