Ephesians 3:8

​This is my life work: helping people understand and respond to this Message. It came as a sheer gift to me, a real surprise, God handling all the details. When it came to presenting the Message to people who had no background in God’s way, I was the least qualified of any of the available Christians. God saw to it that I was equipped, but you can be sure that it had nothing to do with my natural abilities. And so here I am, preaching and writing about things that are way over my head, the inexhaustible riches and generosity of Christ. My task is to bring out in the open and make plain what God, who created all this in the first place, has been doing in secret and behind the scenes all along. Through followers of Jesus like yourselves gathered in churches, this extraordinary plan of God is becoming known and talked about even among the angels!

Ephesians 3:7‭-‬8 MSG


Often I feel under qualified to talk about God as boldly as I do because I am the least of all the Christians I know. At times I have no actual planning to what I’m saying. The Holy Spirit handles all the details. I find myself drawn to people with no background of God’s ways. For I was just as surprised as Paul when I received the gift of the gospel.

Here I am daily speaking of things that are way over my head. Yet God always provides the right scriptures, wisdom and revelations right on time.
I can’t help but tell others about the peace and joy I’ve found in Jesus. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. 


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